Todd’s August 2015 Summary:

Cistern Ministry Friends: It began with a father/son trip and ended with a group of high schoolers. In between there were folks who remember when Kennedy was shot, college students, more high school kids, and a family of five with children in elementary and middle school. Every group came to serve God and others through cistern construction, but each had unique experiences. As an eyewitness,…

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Marvin Holly reports on Xpujil visit (May 2015)

 There’s nothing like going to see for yourself something that’s been described by someone else that sounds exciting and peaks ones interest.  That’s how I feel about the Mexico Cistern Project.  The fact that usable water can not come from the ground itself and must instead be captured from the rooftops and stored in enough quantity to last for months of drought is a sobering…

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Mexico Mission Trip – May 26-June 2,2015

Andy approached me about going on the Mexico Mission trip this year. I checked my calendar and it seemed to be a perfect time for me to finally decide to go. Robert Allen and Taylor Ann are both driving now and John is always busy in June on the farm. Except this year, it rained everyday while I was gone! Andy was a great tour…

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Mid-South Presbytery Mission Trip- May 12-19, 2015

Left – Right : Andy Combs, Brownsville; Olivia Butler, Rhodes, Matilda, Bob Gammon, Cordova, Sheridan and Brett Baker, Cordova; Enedeo ; and Neal Horner, Germantown. Mid-South Presbytery Mission Trip May 12-19, 2015 By: Olivia Butler, Rhodes student A little over a year ago, I obeyed God’s calling that sent me to Mexico, a trip that seemingly fell into my lap. In a passing conversation with…

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Xpujil Update – Christmas 2014

Dear Friends: In the villages where we build cisterns, not many Christmas lights glow. That’s fine.  Our Presbyterian partners have their own traditions.  For most, the highlight will be an evening long worship service on the 24th.  Kids will sing.  Grown-ups will lead prayers, sing hymns, and read Scripture.  Most churches do not have a pastor, so church members will deliver the Christmas message.  Following…

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Andy’s December 2014 – Report

Friends:            Merry Christmas and we hope that all of you have a blessed Holiday Season. Sorry this will be so long but I am “brim full of news”. I will try (somewhat unsuccessfully) to be as brief as possible). December Trip:           Todd and I got home yesterday from his annual visit with Victor and Felipe to 8 of the villages where cisterns have…

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August 7, 2014 Xpujil Update

Dear Friends: At the rainwater catchment construction sites, you see things like . . . two young American women—one in high school, the other in college—squat down to help three American guys in their fifties/sixties lift forty pound buckets of sand and gravel up onto their shoulders.  Once raised, the guys get in line with our local Mexican partners, each with his own shouldered pail,…

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April 2014 from Xpujil

Cistern building season has arrived.  During the next two weeks, our Presbyterian partners, both American and Mexican, will work with six families in the village of Polo Norte to build six cisterns.  God willing, by July, we hope to have built twenty cisterns.  Most of the families with whom we will labor together are not Presbyterian; so there will be ample opportunity for us to…

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Xpujil Update

The Xpujil Mission continues to do what it does best: encourage Mexican Presbyterians to embrace beliefs and activities that: 1) draw them closer to God through Jesus Christ, and 2) enable them to help themselves and their neighbors live healthier lives in a very challenging environment. For example: Beginning September 27, four Presbyterian men from Castilla Brito will travel thirty miles from their own village…

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