Mexico Mission Trip – May 26-June 2,2015

Andy approached me about going on the Mexico Mission trip this year. I checked my calendar and it seemed to be a perfect time for me to finally decide to go. Robert Allen and Taylor Ann are both driving now and John is always busy in June on the farm. Except this year, it rained everyday while I was gone! Andy was a great tour guide and I loved watching him interact with all the locals. I am sure he is relived to not have to answer any more of my many questions.
I asked Susan Jones for advice on packing and she said she took way too many clothes. I did the same thing. Going for the first time, I was very unsure about what to take. I had many questions like: how hot would it be, would it be cold at night, would it rain, what were the bath showers like, should I take my own pillow, do I need snacks if I don’t like the food, books for reading, medicine for sickness and sleeping and many other concerns. My bag weighed 49.5 lbs which was barely under the 50 lb limit but meant I wouldn’t be able to purchase much to bring back. I bought a 3 liter bottle of honey for John, which probably weighed 10 lbs and Gooch was kind enough to bring that home in his bag for me.
I had meet Todd Luke when he game to our church years ago and therefore I knew about his background and family. He and his in-laws treated us to wonderful meals and good accommodations. The food was light and the fresh fruit was amazing. I chose to sleep in a bed verses a hammock and it took us a few nights to get our fans situated for optimal coolness! We were thankful for a temperature decrease of 10 degrees on our week. Anne’s prayers were answered!
Sometimes in the past, the women have taught bible school and sewn for the families. This year, we all worked on cisterns and they wanted us to build 4. I thought we would be doing well to complete 3, but we finished all four cisterns except for the tops. We would eat breakfast at 7 and leave for Once De Mayo, about 45 minutes away, for our workday. We normally returned around 3:30 or 4 for lunch. It was a long day, but the team chose to do all the work while we were there than to leave for lunch and go back to work.


Bill Hooker, Marvin Holly, Andy Combs with Roberto and Flor Torres, Gooch King, Rev. Anne Emery, Blanche King, Shirley Loper, Ray Rowland.

The families were very appreciative of our efforts to help get them fresh water. I couldn’t communicate with them but you could tell by the look on their faces that they were very excited. Although others have tried to explain to me what these small towns in Mexico would be like, it was hard to picture the reality of their lives. Their homes have no glass windows or netting, dirt or concrete floors, no air conditioners, thatch or tin roof, most have no running water or plumbing, no cars, most of them farm very rough land that is miles away from home. Although with the little they do have, they are very happy and content with their lives. I was amazed at their closeness to others and willingness to help their neighbors. After returning from Mexico, I realized even more how much I take for granted daily and all the ways I should be grateful. I am thankful for having the opportunity to go on this mission trip and would encourage anyone to do the same. It is a very humbling trip and shows us the way Jesus probably witnessed to others.

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