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June 13, 2016


Deeply meaningful.  Life changing.  Profound gratefulness to have clean, flowing, fresh water in my own life.  Determination to do my small part in making clean water available to those in the southern Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.


These are some of the thoughts I came away with after being with Todd Luke, Andy Combs, Ray Rowland, Shirley Loper and my husband Chuck on a Cistern building trip to Xpujil, Mexico.  My eyes were opened to the great need to provide safe water for the local people.  I listened to Todd’s story of how he came to lead this ministry by immersing himself for years living with and  listening to the people and knowing first hand what their greatest need was/is.  Todd is an unassuming man of great faith in God and in the people being able to work toward solving their own needs for water.  I am touched by his dedication and the giving of his life for this cause.  He inspires me to do more!  It is with respect I remember the hard working, Mexican men of faith who lead the work team.


I am 71 years old and know I won’t bring about great change in the world.  However, my husband and I have already signed up to return in January 2017 to be on another team to assist with the building of cisterns.  I am also telling both our sons and encouraging them to take their sons on just such a trip.  I am spreading the word through our local church and anywhere else I can get someone to listen to the story.  I know God will provide.  Sometimes (always?) God uses us to be the answer to prayer.            Come join in this life-giving ministry!CAM01236


Lori Miller

Oakland, TN

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